Friday, February 15, 2013

Veronica Falls: Waiting for Something to Happen

Okay, so I'm gonna do some serious chase-cutting here: having experienced the blue screen of death three times today already, I'm not in a super good mood.  And the fact that the title to this record literally encapsulates my life doesn't help either.  HAPPEN ALREADY, JESUS!!!!  Now that that's out of my system, let's talk about the album.

Okay, Veronica Falls.  They're a four-person group that formed in London, and this is their second album.  They've played at David Lynch's club in Paris (incidentally, David Lynch scares the SHIT out of me, and I would probably cry if he even asked me to play cribbage, much less music), and when Bowlegs Music asks bassist Marion Herbain "to describe the sound or attitude of Veronica Falls by handing me three records", she replies "Beat Happening – Beat Happening, Velvet Underground – black album and The Feelies – Crazy Rhythms", so there's that.  Other than that - I didn't find that much interesting information, other than noting the fact that they repeatedly sing the praises of a band called Bleached, which is apparently slated to release an album later this year.  Wait, that's not very interesting, is it?

Honestly, I guess, that's actually probably most of the problem - despite repeated listenings to this record, I just didn't find it very interesting.  For the most part, the lyrics are delivered by sweet-voiced lead singer Roxanne Clifford, with backing vocals provided by the band's two male members (James Hoare and Patrick Doyle) in such a way that the record has a whiff of '90s grunge-light about it.  Furthermore, they're a standard guitar-bass-drums affair, with a fairly lush, pleasant, and indie-poppy sound, and the occasional attention-grabbing lyric (the highlight in this department is "Buried Alive", whose lyrics include "I wanna get sick/I wanna catch everything you've ever caught" [side note: all I could think while listening to this song was that their parents must have opted them out of sex education because HELLO STDs!!!]).  But, to my ears at least, none of the songs popped as singles, and in fact I could hardly tell one from the other.  Which isn't to say that this record is BAD - it's not, and I would even go so far as to guess that those who love it REALLY, REALLY love it - but, to me, the overstated subtlety makes it a snooze.  Basically, I spent the whole time I was listening to it waiting for something to happen.  And it just never did.

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