Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Olly Murs: Right Place Right Time (Deluxe)

So I have to admit that I was excited to review this album from the second I saw it, although probably not for the reason you would expect (so no, not 'cause of Olly's awesome suspenders).  Instead, I realized that it gave me a perfect platform to tell my best-ever breakup story, which involves a similarly-named guy.  Basically, this guy and I went out a few times, to the point where things were serious-ish, and then we got into a huge fight.  About what, you might ask?  Well, the ENTIRE DISAGREEMENT revolved around a brown mark on my wrist, and whether or not it was a "freckle" or a "beauty mark".  Dictionaries were consulted, voices were raised, and after said guy's unwillingness to agree to disagree, I finally stormed out.  And that - I shit you not - was the end.  Seriously, I still laugh when I think about it.

But now let's get back to Olly Murs, whose breakups have hopefully been more dignified than mine (incidentally, Google "Olly Murs breakup" and you'll get a story about him comforting one of Harry Styles's ex-girlfriends and another story about him splitting his trousers, complete with pictures.  presumably he dumped the pants as soon as they exposed his underwear).  And although he has an extensive Wikipedia page, it appears that his career can pretty much be summarized as follows: he appeared on The X Factor in the UK in 2009, didn't win, but got a record deal.  Then he made two albums which were released in the UK and this third one, which has made it to the States.  Of course, this leaves out what is CLEARLY the most important aspect of the man, or in other words, his hunkiness.  Because if you Google "Olly Murs interview" instead, you will get results from Seventeen (apparently, his likes include "someone who’s up for a laugh and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I like girls who want to get up and dance and don’t mind singing in front of my family – you know, silly stuff.") and 4music, where you can watch a video of "your sexy dinner date with Olly Murs".  Which, honestly, will make a great replacement for my husband when school keeps him away at night.

So, it should be obvious by now, but Olly Murs is a pop artist.  And this album makes it clear that he's willing to tackle pretty much any pop genre, plus its neighbor and its dog, since it includes songs which encompass a bunch of different decades.  For instance, first track "Army of Two" puts '70s elements in a weird Christina Aguilera/Stevie Wonder mash-up, complete with orchestral build-ups and a marching beat beneath lyrics like "I came, I saw/Tore down these walls", and US radio song "Troublemaker" featuring Flo Rida goes contemporary Maroon 5 with such accuracy that I've always assumed it WAS Maroon 5 before today ("You had me hooked again/From the minute you sat down/The way you bite your lip/Got my head spinnin' around").  Then there's "Dance With Me Tonight", which takes it all the way back to 1961 with a "Runaround Sue" vibe that doesn't quit.  Sadly, however, this is also the last track on the record that evokes any sound particularly strongly, since the ten songs that follow are all pretty much generic pop that's slightly more grown-up than fellow Brits One Direction, but toothless nonetheless.  Oh, and before I forget - this album calls itself deluxe based on the inclusion of four extra tracks which can be described as follows:
  • "One of These Days" - a sappy piano ballad
  • "What a Buzz" - sadly not about a haircut, but contains whistling, horns, and "ketchup on my trousers" anyway
  • "Cry Your Heart Out" - a Jason Mraz knockoff, and
  • "I Need You Now" - a slightly different version of "One of These Days"
Long story short, this album isn't horrible or anything, and it won't make you lose your lunch all over that ketchup stain on your trousers.  But it's also perfectly generic pop with less personality than my toaster.  Or my ex-boyfriend, for that matter, although let's be real here - that's probably a good thing.

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